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Crop Protection

The Power of the Flower for Crop Protection. A sustainable solution that works.

How Pyrethrins & Pyrethroids Work

Plant-based pest control products are uniquely formulated for results. Discover how pyrethrins differ from pyrethroids and how active and inert ingredients combine for the best solutions.

Nature’s Defense

The Power of the Flower. Nature’s defense against problem insects.

Nature’s Defense

Pyrethrum is extracted from a specific species of Chrysanthemum daisies and is often the active ingredient found in botanical insecticides. Pyrethrum acts as the plant’s natural defense against insects, making it a popular choice for pest control.

Sustainably Grown

Your partner for a sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainably Grown & Harvested Pyrethrum

As the leaders in the production of the special insecticide active ingredient made from the pyrethrum daisy, our commitment to quality and continuous improvement is the foundation of our sustainable production system.

Why pyrethrins?

The Power of the Flower through Pyrethrins. A sustainable solution that works.

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