Proven Effective Botanical Insecticides

Plant-based pesticides like pyrethrum and azadirachtin provide a more sustainable form of pest control, without sacrificing efficacy. Discover how you can harness the Power of the Flower for yourself and your business.

A botanical insecticide used in hundreds of pest control products worldwide

Crop Protection

Broad-spectrum insect control which can be applied on over 100 crops make plant-based insecticides an ideal choice for specialty crop production.

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Organic Home Gardening

Plant-based insecticides are approved for use in home gardens for consumers who prefer organic produce.

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Professional Pest Control

Professionals offering green services with botanical insecticides offer a new way to profitably provide sensitive solutions to meet the needs of parents and consumers.

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Rural Hygiene

Botanical insecticides can be applied on animals and around them while they are present, making them an essential solution for animal production.

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Explore our Active Ingredients

Botanical active ingredients like pyrethrum and azadirachtin work together to provide immediate contact kill and long-term Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) effects.

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How Pyrethrins & Pyrethroids Work

Plant-based pest control products are uniquely formulated for results. Discover how pyrethrins differ from pyrethroids and how active and inert ingredients combine for the best solutions.

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