Plant-based Pest Control for Professionals

As consumer demand for organic, natural pest control rises, so does the need for Pest Management Professional (PMPs) to begin offering green services and botanical insecticides. These types of treatments often capture recurring revenue, which means increased profitability.

Why choose plant-based?

Plant-based pest control products have many benefits for a PMP and their business. Plant-based pest control products have many benefits for a PMP and their business. But professional pest control technicians are often divided on the efficacy of green products. By balancing areas of a good Integrated Pest Management program with botanical insecticides, treatments can be efficacious and green, as well as profitable. Many consumers are willing to pay more for green products and services, meaning a PMP can charge a premium for organic and natural pest control services. Plant-based insecticides can also help PMPs save time on the job site. With a flushing action that excites pests and increases their chances of coming into contact with the treatment, botanical insecticides allow for immediate and more complete cleanout.


Plant-based solution


Quick knockdown and kill of target pests


Excites the target pest, exposing it to more of the active ingredient


Low odor and non-staining, allows for convenient indoor use


Sensitive solutions that address the concerns of parents, pet owners and consumers


Reduces likelihood of insects developing resistance

Target Pests

Stored Product Pests





Two scientists inspecting a petri dish in a lab

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