Make Pyrethrum Work For You

Flower-based pyrethrins address the growing need for sustainable insect control solutions that are reliable and effective. This is the unique benefit we call The Power of the Flower.

Pyrethrins are the insecticide that works for good. The chrysanthemum flowers in East Africa provide the only cash crop for thousands of smallholder family farms, providing income to fund education, housing and food. This crop provides economic stability to the region and a better way of life for thousands of families.

Plant-based pyrethrins target the central nervous system of insects and provide quick knockdown and kill of a broad spectrum of plant-damaging pests. Pyrethrins degrade quickly in the environment making them the ideal insecticide option for sensitive areas in the home.

The versatility of flower-based pyrethrins in form and formulation is impressive. This insecticide can be used alone or combined with other actives in aerosols, liquid concentrates, ready-to-use sprays, and dusts. Pyrethrins may be synergized by certain other ingredients, making them even more effective. This versatility makes it easy to customize formulas for the best results.