Botanical Insecticides for Animal Production

Plant-based pesticides are uniquely formulated to protect production animals from the annoyance of insects that may carry disease. Producers can take advantage of these botanical products for immediate results to ensure the health of their animals.

Why choose plant-based?

Consumer concerns around food safety continue to rise, so animal producers are doing everything they can to ensure the health of their production animals. Not only do botanical insecticides deliver quick knockdown and contact kill of a variety of pests, but these plant-based solutions can be used while animals are present. That makes application convenient for producers, providing immediate protection of their flocks and herds. Botanical products are available as both NOP compliant and OMRI listed to support producers who have made the switch to organic operations. Did you know that 66% of consumers have indicated that it is important that the food they purchase is produced in a sustainable way? Adding botanical insecticides that are less persistent in the environment can help animal producers take advantage of that growing market – and take pest control off their to-do list.


Plant-based solution


Apply while animals are present


Quick knockdown and kill of target pests


Broad spectrum control


OMRI listed products available


Immediate results


No withdrawal period


Degrades quickly in sunlight


Non-persistent in the environment

Target Pests





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